Picture This…

Picture this…


An empty gymnasium, lined with folding chairs on the floor and bleachers waiting to be filled by anxious parents.


Today is Moving Up Day.


Later this afternoon, the class of 2019 will take their spots at the front of the gym, with the class of 2020 filing in directly behind them.  This time honored tradition is an opportunity for seniors to pass the baton to juniors.


Awards and scholarships are handed out as students are recognized for their achievements, all the while parents are drinking in the picture of their son or daughter in the final moments of their senior year.


Excuse me while I clear the lump from my throat.


At the very end, the senior class rises up from their seats, and marches as a group out of the school.  The juniors then move up into the senior seats.


And just like that, they are out of our sight.


Truthfully, the weeks leading up to graduation have been pretty emotional for me.


I am pretty confident I am not alone in my ugly crying moments here.


But those moments are not brought on by what I can see now, but of what I cannot picture around the corner.


No picture on my son’s first day of college classes (although I would totally embrace the idea if he allowed it).  


There will be no gymnastics to get everyone out the door in the morning, no  “make me something yummy, Mom” after school, and heartbreakingly no more “I need a proper hug” in the evenings before heading up to his room.


Picturing him not here…it is hard to find the words.


But I remember the day that I found out I was pregnant with Jon.


And that was when my prayers for him began.


For a healthy delivery, for those nights when he was teething, for his first steps, heading to preschool, into the big school….


And now as he takes these next steps moving up and moving away.


“I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.”  1 Samuel 1:27


What a glorious gift it has been to be your Mom throughout these past 18 years.


And I will continue to pray for you and your friends, even in the moments I can no longer see.


I know that He will be watching over our children.


Parents, He will be watching over us, too.


There is a glorious adventure waiting just for you.


Picture this…..

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  • Gail H Phillips

    Beautifully expressed Kelli! Ahead awaits some heartfelt, proud moments ,& possibly some home sick phone calls – exciting calls. You & your family have an unknown adventurous Journey awaiting you, along with God as he holds your hand and your hearts along the way. Blessings to you and your family. Gail