• Devotions

    Have You Ever Seen Anything Like That?

    In your life, have you ever seen anything like that?!

    An awestruck sports commentator posed this question after witnessing Tiger Woods win his fourth green jacket in a playoff against Chris DiMarco during the 2005 Masters.

    He had witnessed greatness.

    Cheers could be heard by spectators as this famous golfer made his final shot.

    A touchdown in the final seconds of the game, sinking the last putt, a buzzer beater during a playoff game.

    Moments that leave crowds filled with awe.

    During this pandemic, it feels like these moments are far and few between.

    Many sports seasons have been delayed, shortened, or cancelled altogether.

    There is a limit to how many, if any, spectators are permitted at events.

    It is a discouraging and sad time for so many.

    We are limited in so many ways.

    But there is one thing to remember, especially now.

    There is greatness all around us.

    And not one of us is restricted from viewing the wonders of His creation.

    “The whole world is filled with awe at Your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, You call forth songs of joy.” Psalms 65:8 NIV

    If we allow ourselves to pause and look, there are moments of awe that He can fill us with every day.

    A sunrise or sunset.

    The sounds of the birds chirping outside your window.

    Watching a child smile.

    Even during this challenging time, there are still moments that can fill us with awe and wonder.

    Moments that if we shift our focus to Him, we can still ask with awe:

    In your life, have you ever seen anything like that?!

    My prayer for you my friend is that you are left awestruck by the greatness of our Creator.