Collecting Moments

Money cannot buy happiness.


But $1.75 will buy you a ride on the Carousel at Knoebels, and that is pretty close.


My sister and I had parked ourselves under the Birthday Cake pavillion next to the Carousel, reminiscing and catching up.


I felt glued to this spot, where years ago my father handed out tickets for the Boyardee’s Family Picnic.  


Picturing him with one leg propped up on the bench, arms folded over his knee transported me back in time.


That image and the sound of the music from the Carousel made it almost impossible to move from our spot.


I finally looked at my sister, Lauree, and said. “Let’s go for a ride.”


I returned to her almost skipping after purchasing the tickets.


“You look like a little girl.  There is such joy on your face,” she said as she gazed at me.


Pure joy.


Despite our ages of 50 and 60, we giggled as we hopped up on our horses.


 I could see the childlike joy on her face, too.


A treasured moment.


And as always, when I empty my mind of the worries of the day, I hear His voice so clearly.


There is abundant joy to be found when you are present.


Living in abundance is not about what I own or what fills my house.


It is about what fills my heart.


Collecting moments with those around me are my greatest treasures.


Time with my heavenly Father brings me the purest joy.


“The thief comes only to steal and destroy.  I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10


The distractions of the world steal from us the joy that God so extravagantly wants to place in our lives.


The joy that comes from watching the sunrise, listening to the rain or even taking a ride on the Carousel.


Friends, my prayer is that you collect moments today with those God has placed in your life.


Don’t miss the gifts that are showered upon you each day by the Creator.


And don’t forget to thank Him for His abundant love.